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Pores: Does Size Really Matter?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

It is common for people to stress over the size of their pores. We are always looking for products that help to keep pores clear and shrink in size. But do we really understand what pores do? and does their size matter?

Here is 5 facts that can help you understand your pores and their size better and the best way to treat them.

1. Pores are just glorified hair follicles Pores are simply the opening of hair follicles which we have all over our bodies. Each follicle/pore is able to grow one hair and has its own sebaceous gland which produces oil. It is no surprise that these pores are frequently clogged and enlarged with the job they have. 2. Pore size is genetic Pore size can be determined by your family tree. People with naturally oily skin are likely to have larger pores because they are releasing more oil through wider openings. This isn't all bad - in fact large pores can counteract the physical toll of wrinkles and ageing because the skin is continuously moisturised by the skins natural oils. 3. The sun gives you larger pores Years of sun exposure can in time expand your pore size. Sun damage leads to inflammation and thickening skin cells that around the pore edges can make them appear even larger. 4. Bad habits lead to bad pores You may have some bad habits that are hurting your skin. A bad diet with lack of hydration can lead to pores expanding. Smoking is a major culprit in shrinking the blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nourishment to our skin which deprives important nutrients and speeds up the ageing process. 5. You cant reduce pore size but you can minimise their appearance You can't actual reduce the size of your pores because oil glands remain what they are genetically. However, there is a lot you can do to make them appear smaller and prevent expansion. Taking care of your skin with regular exfoliation, wearing a daily SPF and staying healthy and hydrated can reduce excess oil.

Dr. Hayley Elsmore's recommended treatments at The Courtyard Aesthetic Clinic


This amazing treatment can help to reduce pore size by forcing the skins natural production of collagen by making minor trauma to the skin with tiny needles. It is great for acne scarring and smoothing of the skin.


There is nothing better than extracting pores of all the build up from creams and makeup. This great treatment can exfoliate. extract and treat specific skin concerns. Leaving your skin refreshed and clear from excess oil and dead skin cells.

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