Dermal Fillers

Facial restoration and rejuvenation

Feel fabulous about your face with the help of anti-ageing dermal fillers.  This treatment can replenish volume in your cheeks and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that creep up on us as we age. 

Fillers, which are applied via an injection and contain the super hydrator hyaluronic acid, can also help to plump the lips and smooth vertical lines that can appear around them. Rejuvenate your face with natural-looking and long-lasting results. 



Subtle lip reshape and restore: from £255

Full-lip reshape and restore: from £355

Subtle cheek lift: from £355

Full cheek lift: from £555

Non-surgical liquid facelift: from £,1250

Nasal hump: from £355

Ear lobe plumping: from £255

Nasolabial lines: from £255

Marionette lines: from £255

Lip lines: from £255

Drooping mouth corners: from £255

Chin reshape: from £355

Jaw reshape: from £355

Dissolve filler: from £250


The Courtyard Packages

Natural Beauty_edited.jpg

Courtyard Beautify Me

This is suitable for our younger clients who want a little more glamour with higher cheek bones and fuller lips.

Cheeks 1ml dermal filler

Lips 1ml dermal filler


Smiling Beauty_edited.jpg

Courtyard Define Me

This package is perfect for individuals who want that extra definition with a check lift and improved chin and jawline definition.

Suitable for young and older clients.

Cheeks 2mls dermal filler

Chin / jawline 2mls dermal filler


Smiling Fit Model_edited.jpg

Courtyard Restore Me

This package is suitable for the more mature client who has moderate signs of ageing, looking tired and saggy by restoring midface volume loss and softening mid and lower face lines.

Cheeks 2mls dermal filler

Lower face lines 2mls dermal filler


Smiling Woman_edited.jpg

Courtyard Transform Me

This package is perfect for mature clients who have more advanced signs of ageing and require extra volume to rejuvenate the face to a more youthful and healthy look.


Cheeks 3mls dermal filler

Lower face lines 3mls dermal filler


At a Glance

Procedure time

30-60 minutes depending on area treated.


Most treatments can be carried out without any anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic cream or injections can be used.



Result duration 

12-18 months.

Side effects

Possible bruising and swelling. Rare side effects include infections, nodules, allergy.


Prices start from £300


A personalised plan is created for you at your initial consultation to understand how many treatments are required.


After your treatment we recommend that you don’t touch the area or apply make-up, ideally until the next day, but at least for 6 hours.

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