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 Circadia -science and nature in perfect rhythm. Infuse your skin with a true blend of peptides, stem cells, vitamins and botanicals in Circadia’s customised treatments.

Circadia Chronobiology Professional Skincare

Circadia has become a true pioneer in the industry and bases its work on the principle of defending skin from damage during the day and stimulating repair during the night. These award-winning, medical-grade products really are the height of luxury.

Our speciality treatments utilise  innovative formulations to achieve optimum skin health and address a multitude of skin conditions, including ageing, acne, dehydration, pigmentation and rosacea.

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Enzyme Facials 


Discover our Circadia enzyme facials as a gentle alternative to chemical peels. These treatments can be performed on all skin types and will also include a Circadia hydrating mask treatment 

Cocoa Enzyme Facial Treatment 

Cocoa, good for the skin inside and out – containing over 100 useful components to enhance your skins health and appearance.

Maximise hydration and reduce inflammation with this signature exfoliating treatment. The sweet cocoa aroma is full of natural antioxidants and is designed for dry, dehydrated skin to nourish, protect, and boost healing. Your skin will then be transformed with the signature marshmallow whip hydrating mask.

Raspberry Enzyme Facial Treatment 

This enzyme treatment gives multiple benefits to sun damaged and ageing skins. Containing, red raspberry seed extracts, designed to deliver essential antioxidants and skin brightening properties. The gentle exfoliation treatment of natural papaya and pineapple enzymes which also effectively polish and rejuvenate. Your skin will then be transformed by using the signature marshmallow whip hydrating mask resulting in a hydrated healthy glow. 

Zymase Enzyme Facial Treatment 

This powerful enzyme treatment containing multiple forms of vitamin C, will brighten, tighten and exfoliate your skin. Combined with gentle exfoliation from natural pineapple and papaya enzymes we slow down the visible signs of skin ageing. The Australian super berry antioxidant mask is then used to infuse your skin with a complex blend of hydrating peptides, brightening properties and botanicals.

Circadia Advanced Signature Treatments

SWiCH Fraction V Dermal Rejuvenation System

Circadia’s signature treatment, brings to you a unique alternative to chemical peels for treating age-damaged skin and pigmentation for clients over the age of 37.  Your skin will be gently revitalised resulting in firmer, younger looking skin. SWiCH™ gives an immediate boost of energy to the skin which helps restore optimum appearance with very little downtime. 

Treatment also includes the essential post treatment homecare kit. 

Oxygen Rx Topical Treatment

This exclusive treatment is extremely nourishing and beneficial for all skin types. A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optimum levels on the skin to provide maximum benefits to gently reduce the appearance of rosacea, redness, acne or help diminish the visible signs of ageing. Your skin will be luminous and radiant after this treatment with a feeling of firmness.


Circadia Courtyard Solutions, Personalised Facial Treatments

Vitamin Infusion

Slow down the signs of ageing by infusing the skin with potent and nourishing essential vitamins including Vitamins B, C & E. This luxury facial will not only address current antioxidant and nourishment depletion but also protect the skin from future damage. 


Enjoy the stimulating effects of this corrective facial. This treatment is designed to effectively remove keratin build up, reduce bacteria and acne. 

Finished with an anti-inflammatory green tea mask that will deliver powerful healing antioxidants while simultaneously nourishing and hydrating the skin. The skin will be left feeling invigorated and clear.


Give young skin the support it needs with a facial that is designed to address the hormonal challenges of this age group. 

This facial includes a deep pore cleanse, an enzyme exfoliation to clarify acneic skin, followed by a soothing green tea mask to cleanse impurities and brighten the skin. 

Anti-ageing - Firming Peptide

This firming and tightening treatment combines some of the latest skincare technology to renew and revitalise the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, antioxidants and botanicals. The skin is infused during the facial with powerful rejuvenating ingredients, resulting in an instant firm, tightened and hydrated skin. 

Marshmallow Whip Hydrating

Maximise hydration with Circadia’s marshmallow whip hydrating facial. Dry, dehydrated skin will be transformed with a complex blend of hydrating peptides and botanicals infused into the skin resulting in improved skin health.

Triple Berry Brightening

Brighten and rejuvenate the skin with exotic Rieberry, Muntries and Pepperberry From Australia. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, these super-berries provide instant brightening and hydration to dry, dehydrated and lacklustre skin. 

Snow Algae Cooling

Instantly cool and sooth Rosacea, irritated and compromised skin with the complex and unique exotic Snow Algae, which is known to repair the effects of time, and Spirulina which is high in nutrients. These ingredients are partnered together to reduce inflammation while repairing and rejuvenating the skin. 


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