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Dr. Hayley's New Approach For 2024

Those of you who have had a treatment by me will undoubtedly know that my approach to aesthetics is always to ‘tweak’ and make subtle changes to enhance your natural beauty. I am a firm believer that each of us is beautiful in our own way, and why would we want to change that? Certainly, make subtle adjustments to boost your confidence and let your inner beauty shine. However, I aim to avoid transforming your face so drastically that the essence of the real you is completely lost. Beauty treatments have had bad press over the years, especially dermal fillers, which in the wrong hands can make you look like a caricature or something out of a cheap reality TV show. I fear the creation of those unnatural looks even more than you do! I want each of you to be able to live your life smiling and laughing with your friends and family, feeling happy and confident in the way you look. If I can help you do that, it would be an honour.

With the event of the New Year, I have made a conscious decision to focus on the journey and not the destination. 2023 brought some challenges for my family and I. I think many of us (including me) get so caught up with hitting goals that we forget to relax and enjoy the process along the way. Well not any more! My 50th birthday is fast approaching and I am determined to make that change of focus happen! The worries of what lies ahead for me physically and mentally meant I had even forgotten to celebrate my 49th year! To hell with the menopause, I am determined to live authentically and confidently, free from the fear of growing older!

Along those lines, I am embracing the new approach in aesthetic medicine to remove the word ‘anti-ageing’ from my day to day vocabulary. It implies we should be against ‘ageing’ but ageing is inevitable and a privilege and brings so many positive elements with it. We need to shift the focus from anti-ageing to pro-ageing. Rather than being seen as a decline and loss of youthful beauty, I see it as a positive testament to memories, wisdom and experiences gained through our lives. Instead of conforming to a narrow beauty ideal, I want to offer individual treatment plans with multiple treatment options for skin with age. We can still look fabulous as we get older! 

A large proportion of my client demographic is over 50 and their perceived loss of attractiveness is complex and related to several issues, including media platforms perpetuating unrealistic beauty ideals and ageism. It is extremely important with all my clients, but particularly this age group who may be suffering from a loss of confidence, to talk about how we can highlight some of their best features and soften those they don’t like.

My first and overriding principle is to achieve healthy skin for my clients and celebrate their individuality. We don’t want everybody to look the same. There is a huge shift towards natural looking results and rejoicing in our uniqueness. Wouldn't it be unfortunate if we were all constrained to conform to a single, generic beauty standard? Most of us couldn’t look that way and wouldn’t want to.

Let’s move forward in 2024 and embrace our beautiful diversity.

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