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An Expert's Guide to Anti-Ageing

Most of us have looked in the mirror at some point and not recognised the person staring back at us. The general stresses of daily life - late nights, work-related stress, fatigue, alcohol, smoking and sun damageall take their toll on your skin and body. Ageing happens to us all, there is nothing to stop the clock but with a few helpful tweaks, we can age in a way that keeps us feeling confident & happy with our reflection.

Dr Hayley Elsmore has created an experts guide to anti-ageing which highlights the most important things to consider on a decade by decade basis.


Most 20-somethings still have the beauty of youth, but skin starts to look tired and dullness can occur. These can be caused by sun damagethat has accumulated over time, lack of sleep, stress and even genetics can play a part.

The most important thing to start in your 20s is a good skincare regime which includes a daily high factor SPF, to protect your skin from not only UV light but also the blue light from our screens. In your late 20’s it is really helpful to add active ingredients like retinol and AHA / BHAs to address skin dullness and encourage gentle exfoliation.


This is the time when you start to show the early signs of ageing. Fine lines and wrinkles start to form and early volume loss in the cheeks occurs. Pigmentation and superficial blood vessels can develop as the skin’s natural repair systems slow down and collagen loss starts.

It is important to maintain an excellent skincare routine, ensuring the use of active ingredients such as retinols and antioxidants. These will help to repair sun damage, brighten dull skin and help to rejuvenate collagen.

Now is the time to consider more interventional procedures. Chemical peels, microneedling and radiofrequency can encourage cell turnover and collagen production. Intense Pulsed Light can combat pigmentation and redness, whilst those early lines and wrinkles can be tackled with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.


Significant ageing changes appear in this decade. Volume loss and reduced elasticity results in skin sagging. Lips start to thin, lines and wrinkles deepen and definition in the lower face reduces. Hormonal changes result in even greater collagen loss, so it’s time to get more proactive with the anti-ageing regime!

Skincare is a priority, focusing on active ingredients and hydration. Dermal fillers are really valuable in returning some volume and definition to the face. Treatments that hydrate your skin from within like Profhilo can give you back your glow whilst improving skin firmness and bounce. Botulinum toxin can keep those frown lines at bay and soften crows feet. The combination treatment Morpheus8 can really tighten and resurface the lower face and neck for that ultimate 40s rejuvenation.


This decade has a huge impact for women’s skin as menopausal changes mean that skin gets dryer, thinner, less elastic with an increased tendency to sagging and more uneven tone and texture. Don’t despair as we can add into our tweakments from the 40s with more hydrating and gentle treatments such as Hydrafacials and our bespoke Oxygen facials. Exciting developments in regenerative medicine mean that we now have the NEW polynucleotide injectables which instruct our cells to behave younger and produce more collagen and elastin, improving natural repair processes and rejuvenating skin to look more youthful. Skin boosters and collagen supplements are also very useful in this decade.

60s and beyond

Even if you have never had cosmetic treatments before, it is not too late to start. It’s all about restorative balance in your 60s and the use of treatments to keep harmonious proportions in your face. Lifting and smoothing can be achieved through non-surgical face lifts using fillers and collagen-boosting microneedling treatments. Hybrid treatments such as HArmonyCa combine lifting hyaluronic acid fillers with collagen stimulating calcium hydroxyapatite which can gradually remodel your skin.

Hydration is key in this decade and the use of rich night creams that contain glycerin, ceramides, and or fatty lipids to help encourage skin barrier repair can make a big difference. Additional active ingredients such as growth factor serums are luxuriously gentle big hitters for tighter and firmer skin.

Most of us just want to age well and feel good about ourselves. Keeping cosmetic outcomes looking beautiful and natural can boost self-confidence. Dr Hayley and her highly skilled team are able to guide you to healthier skin and a happier you, whatever age you are.

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